Live + Gov


We are aiming to develop a mobile government solution that allows citizens to accurately express their needs to government by using a variety of mobile sensing technologies available in their smartphones. Citizens may contact the autorities via smartphones, either to report issues and make suggestions, or to retrieve context-aware information.

Topics researched in Live+Gov:

  • Informing the citizen about governmental decision
  • Mobile participation in eGovernment
  • Gathering information about the citizen’s desires
  • Reporting issues, like road damage or other inconveniences
  • Enabling transparent and citizen-centered authorities
  • Augmented reality
  • Reality mining


The following files include the preparatory work for the refined ontology.

- Live+Gov Ontology (owl file)

Baseline ontology:

- Live+Gov Ontology Collaboration

- Live+Gov Ontology Transparency

- Live+Gov Ontology Participation

Description of the Live+Gov ontology. The following image represents the initial ontology included in the SaaS Service Center, within the Live+Gov architecture, which will be further developed. The nodes are expandable and collapsible. The green color represents that the nodes are selected, white that they are not selected, and blue nodes are still expandable.

- Conceptual model of the SaaS Service Center ontology