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thessalonikiLive+Gov participated in the Apps4Greece competition organized by the City of Thessaloniki ( for collecting ideas,datasets and applications that would make the city smarter. Live+Gov participation was based on the technologies and mobile app developed in the context of the Mobility use case (, offering the citizens of Thessaloniki the potential to obtain traffic jam information, to share their everyday routes for helping the city to improve its network, to share information with their fellow citizens,  as well as to receive alerts about the good service of the network from the authorities.

eurocities_news‘Jij maakt Utrecht’ (‘You make Utrecht’) is part of Participation 2.0, an innovation platform that focuses on social experimentation in the city of Utrecht. The platform uses new digital technology to support local democracy, encourage active citizenship and support people to self-organise digitally. This initiative is part of strengthening and broadening citizen participation in Utrecht. IMMEDIATE AND ACCESSIBLE INFORMATION INPUT ON LOCAL PLANS Jij maakt Utrecht focuses specifically on involving citizens in policymaking and projects.  By making political participation more accessible, the city of Utrecht gives citizens the opportunity to communicate with policy makers and, if possible, realise their ideas. The city developed an accessible digital platform where all the participation projects are available. People can share their initiatives and discuss or work on plans for the city via the website. The website includes a city map with an overview of initiatives in the various city’s districts. In the future it will become the starting point for all community participation programs. Different types of initiatives can be posted on the website (listed below). The initiatives are immediately visible on the map with coloured icons. Users can click on any icon for more detailed information such as a description, photos, links and more. It is also possible to comment on and discuss the initiatives. – Private initiatives: these are initiatives for the collective interest of neighbourhoods or districts. Public space management by residents: these are initiatives where residents self-administer part of the public space. The municipality can support this initiative by providing maintenance equipment. – Liveability initiatives: These are initiatives from citizens to expand the liveability of a neighbourhood that are partially financed by the city of Utrecht.

Around 150 neighbors have shared their opinion in a virtual consultation to decide where to build a health park… and the park is now a reality! gordexolaThe neighbors of Gordexola expressed their opinion: they wanted the health parks proposed by the Council to be installed near the Zubiete walkway and in the surroundings of the municipal swimming pool. This opinion has been collected through the pilot participation project that the Council of Gordexola backed, with the collaboration of the BiscayTIK Foundation within the Live+Gov European project. Around 150 people answered the proposed questions and for the people from the Council this is “a very positive result if we take into account the population of our municipality and that it is a pioneer experience”. The novelty of the initiative is that the citizens have spoken using their mobile phones. An application available on the Google Play and Apple Store platforms allowed the users to see on the screen of their smart phones how the parks would look like in the chosen locations. The Council of Gordexola proposed several options: Ibargutxi, the municipal swimming pool, the pedestrian walkway in the Zubiete area, the Jose Antonio Garay plaza – near the health center and the frontón- and in the surroundings of the old slaughter house. The realistic simulation has been produced thanks to the combination of two technological formulas, image recognition and GPS location features. The participants were able to test how the device automatically detects a photograph of the place and superposes the 3D model on the phone screen. Using location it was possible to experience a different effect, when the user moved the phone and looked towards the position of the plan, the 3D model appeared on the screen. For those less familiar with new technologies, the Council of Gordexola offered the possibility of traditional paper voting in a ballot box located in the town hall. At this point in time, there is no plan set to repeat an experience of this type soon in Gordexola, but the people are quite happy with the initiative and have expressed that they would be pleased with having more chances to give their opinion in the future, using their mobile devices, due to the low effort needed to do so. After the participation period was closed, it was the moment for the decision makers to make use of the feedback received from citizens. At the end of December the parks were built following the preferences shared by citizens of two small parks, one in the surroundings of the municipal swimming pool and another one near the Zubiete walkway. The Council is very pleased with the result, people seem to be happy with the installations and it is having a high level of acceptance. The next steps now are the follow up by the health department of the use of the outdoor sports equipment, and the inclusion of information of interest about healthy lifestyles, walkways and recommendations on the municipal web page. The regular use of the equipment will be prescribed by the doctor and nurse in Gordexola to those patients who visit them and they consider could benefit from using the health parks.

The Urban Planning field trial has already been launched for the people of Gordexola to be able to participate in a municipal decision with their smart phone. iphone 7 phone case cat Information about the initiative has been sent out to all of the households in Gordexola so that all of the citizens have notice about this field trial. iphone 7 case coffee Those neighbors who are interested in participating using their smart phone can do so by accessing the app stores for iPhone and Google, where they can easily find it by searching for Gordexola. This field trial is a pilot experience within the Live+Gov European project, within the 7th Framework programme, which brings citizens and administration closer in Gordexola with the collaboration of the Local Council of Gordexola with the BiscayTIK Foundation, one of the partners in the project. By means of a smart phone and the applications developed in the project the people of Gordexola can share their preferences and opinion about the plan to install health parks in the town. initials phone case iphone 7 plus This way of participating is comfortable for the citizens who are able to do so at any time and from any place. motomo iphone 7 case At the same time the applications offer technological novelties such as augmented reality and location features that make the visualization of plans easier to understand for everyone. iphone 7 white phone cases Citizens can walk around town and when they open the application and are in the area of a plan the app offers the view of the health park using augmented reality. iphone 8 cases carbon fibre The app also allows users who are not necessarily near the selected points to view the future park superposed over the photo of the area which they can find on posters or on the municipal website. At the end of October this initiative will be presented at a monthly event organized by the Basque Health Department in Gordexola.

mobile_visualResearchers from Information Technologies Institute (CERTH-ITI) have deployed support vector regression as a technique to model the performance of a visual recognition model based on the quality and the quantity of its training samples. More specifically, starting from a classifier which was trained on an initial set of images, the regressor can predict whether the addition of user tagged images can boost the performance of the initial classifier. slim iphone 6 case white The regressor takes into account both the quality of the new images that is hindered by the noise in their associated tags and the maturity of the existing model which can be saturated if the original training set is of large size already. shark iphone 7 phone cases The demonstrated experimental results look promising, as shown in the figure. Here, the performance prediction regressor is compared to various baselines. womens phone case iphone 7 We can see that the proposed regressor (magenta line) performs much closer to the optimal upper baseline (red line) than using a random predictor. iphone 8 case personalised disney This is particularly important in the content of the Live+Gov requirement for mobile visual recognition, as the end users can now more effectively and efficiently train their own visual recognition models, since they have the additional knowledge of how many images they need. iphone 6 plus cases This novel scientific work will be presented in one of the most prestigious conferences on image processing in the following October [1]. iphone 6 kylie jenner case [1] E. iphone 8 ted baker phone case Chatzilari, S. Nikolopoulos, Y. Kompatsiaris, J. Kittler.

In January a work session has been conducted with a group of citizens from Gordexola to trial the Urban Planning mobile Application developed within the Live+Gov project. This is an experience within the eParticipation focus of the project to bring citizens and administrators closer taking advantage of many new possibilities that smartphones can offer in this effort. The system is a new communication channel between the Local Council of Gordexola and the citizens. cartoon iphone 8 plus case The smart phone application allows citizens to participate, easily voting on their preferred option using their phone with no need to register. iphone 6 charger case 5800mah Local administrators offer a description with relevant information related to each plan so that citizens have a better background in order to decide. Having more details about these issues improves the knowledge the neighbors of Gordexola have about what is going on in their town, and they also receive feedback about the current percentages of the votes for each issue. iphone 8 plus wireless charger case During the first trial three prototype plans have been included with voting options, questions and space for free comment. However, the most important aspect of this application is that it features an enhanced view of the plans overlapped on the real view of the smart phone camera that shows the 3D model of the infrastructure in the exact place where it will be built. Not only this, but the augmented reality feature also allows to see the 3D models overlapped on pictures of the selected location, opening the possibility of reaching citizens that are not there at the moment. These pictures can be shared through the current municipal communication channels such as the local municipal magazines and publications, the web page of Gordexola or information panels located in strategic settings. blossom iphone 6 case The information collected from the citizen participation is used as new input for the decision makers to have a better and more realistic understanding of what the people they serve are interested in at any moment and not only depend on the political calendar that is presented prior to the elections. The opinion collected from the users can be then analyzed according to demographic characteristics or other information collected through the application that gives even further knowledge about what the inhabitants think about a proposed issue. The Governing Body of Town Council of Gordexola is pleased with hosting this pioneering trial of eParticipation. gold glitter iphone 6 case This town has a tradition of being ahead of its time in terms of technological advance and offering its inhabitants modern services and they are therefore looking forward to collaborating in the next months in order to be able to fully test the entire system and prove its possibilities.

Live+Gov supports the organization of the 1st International Workshop “From Pixels to Semantics – Semantic Analysis meets Visual Analysis” that will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business (i-KNOW 2014), moody case iphone 7 September 16-19, ted baker iphone 7 plus case 2014, Graz, Austria. The goal of the workshop will be to gather researchers working in domains related to the Semantic Web and Computer Vision community such as: semantic web technologies, iphone 6 survivor case artificial intelligence, dust proof iphone 8 plus case information retrieval, multimedia, iphone 8 case pineapple and communication technologies, social media mining, iphone 8 phone case with window knowledge mining, data science, human-computer interaction, iphone 7 jenuos case humanities, and web information systems. The results of the workshop will be exploited by the Live+Gov consortium to facilitate its objectives in computer vision but also in social media, knowledge and data mining.

hitachiHitachi Europe Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and Frost & Sullivan jointly hosted the Social Innovation Forum in Berlin on 15th November 2014. black gel iphone 6 case The Forum has examined the impact that Social Innovation will have on businesses, governments, societies and, ultimately, on our lives. It will took place at the Adlon Kempinski Hotel, in a year that marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. iphone 7 phone charger case white Hitachi Europe has been hosting the Forum in Germany for the first time, following successful Forums in Poland and Turkey. akna iphone 7 plus case Last year, ten Hitachi Group Companies will take part in the event and have been incorporated four live panels as well as an exhibition of leading-edge technologies and products including ultrasound systems, optical topography devices and its latest data storage platforms. iphone 8 plus case owl As part of the Keynote agenda, attendees had been able to hear more from Hitachi, SMEs, public stakeholder and professional groups based in Berlin and their focus on Social Innovation Business. iphone 7 plus case ocean Frost & Sullivan will also discuss the types of global Mega Trends which are arising in today’s society and the impact this will have on the future. Live+Gov representatives have been following the panel on urban mobility. Urban Mobility: The Future of Mobility The global surge in urbanization and the development of megacities continue to strain resources. iphone 6 apple case pink Personal urban mobility is one of the major challenges, which needs to be addressed by both the public and private sector because of its impact on the economy, environment and quality of life. For these reasons, the mobility sector is on the brink of a paradigm shift. lumee case iphone 7 plus Conventional thinking is increasingly losing its relevance within this rapidly changing context. However, one of the key findings of the panel was that stakeholders urging for less revolutionary solutions and aiming for evolutionary products providing change for the mobility sector.

SpaceAppCampTwo members of the Live+Gov project, namely Dimitrios Ververidis and George Liaros, were qualified to visit the European Space Agency ( facilities in the Netherlands in order to be informed about the latest earth monitoring achievements. iphone 8 arm band running case The agenda of the training, named as SpaceAppCamp, started in 4 of May with the presentation of EGNOS and Copernicus programs. The following days were dedicated into presenting information for accessing the data, a tour in the exhibition of space missions, and a small programming competition in the end (12 of May).
During the SpaceAppCamp, the 20 qualified developers had to find and partially implement an idea for a mobile application that has potential financial interest for ESA. iphone 6 case blue flower The developers were grouped into 5 teams where each team had to treat a certain area. magnetic case iphone 8 plus Our team, joined with Michalis Vitos and Julia Altenbuchner from the University College of London (UCL), was to enhance an app that enables illiteral people of the rain-forests to report abuse of their territory such as illegal logging. iphone 8 plus apple leather case The app was initially developed by UCL. The improvements made during SpaceAppCamp were the recording of paths in the forest and the submition of the paths to a back-end web portal as it is seen in the Figure. iphone 8 cherry case The app is named as Sapelli, the name of a special tree. The financial aspect of Sapelli is that NGO’s can use it to validate the reports of local communities of Africa about illegal logging and territory interferences. see through phone case iphone 7 The maps used were the Google maps enhanced by the latest radar image of Sentinel 1.

deiaOn the 25th of September the General Manager of the BiscayTIK Foundation, and partner of the Live+Gov project, presented the project and the applications developed for citizen mobile e-Participation within the presentation of the work of the Foundation. novada iphone 8 case This discussion took place in the II Deia Digital Media Encounter, organized by this newspaper that has a great reach, and prior to the ceremony of the Deia Awards to the Best Digital Initiatives. starbucks iphone 6 plus case The BiscayTIK Foundation was also part of the jury for these prizes. cherry blossom iphone 7 case This space was a meeting point for professionals and experts in the area that shared their experience about the use of the net, not only for leisure, but also for interacting with the public administrations and for entrepreneurship, as well as the importance about being cautious when surfing the web. iphone 8 plus detachable case The General Manager of BiscayTIK was in charge of speaking about the use of internet to bring citizens and administrations closer. iphone 7 phone cases gameboy The audience that gathered for the event counted with many university students that were presented with the Live+Gov mobile e-participation initiatives and developments, within the presentation given by BiscayTIK. esr phone case iphone 8 This included a description of how by means of the use of augmented reality and smartphone features the apps developed within the project give the word to citizens who can participate in public affairs and in local decision making.