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Live+Gov presented during the II Deia Digital Media Encounter

deiaOn the 25th of September the General Manager of the BiscayTIK Foundation, and partner of the Live+Gov project, presented the project and the applications developed for citizen mobile e-Participation within the presentation of the work of the Foundation.

This discussion took place in the II Deia Digital Media Encounter, organized by this newspaper that has a great reach, and prior to the ceremony of the Deia Awards to the Best Digital Initiatives. The BiscayTIK Foundation was also part of the jury for these prizes.

This space was a meeting point for professionals and experts in the area that shared their experience about the use of the net, not only for leisure, but also for interacting with the public administrations and for entrepreneurship, as well as the importance about being cautious when surfing the web.

The General Manager of BiscayTIK was in charge of speaking about the use of internet to bring citizens and administrations closer. The audience that gathered for the event counted with many university students that were presented with the Live+Gov mobile e-participation initiatives and developments, within the presentation given by BiscayTIK. This included a description of how by means of the use of augmented reality and smartphone features the apps developed within the project give the word to citizens who can participate in public affairs and in local decision making.

Although the applications are prototypes for the field trials inside this project, it is undeniable that this type of tools will become a standard soon and that today´s youth will adopt their use easily and naturally as mobile technology is part of their everyday.


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