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Helsinki region travel survey supported with mobile based data collection

lituThe mobility use case trial was set up in the Helsinki region during fall 2014 with around one hundred voluntary test users. The four week trial period was seen successful and provided the consortium with valuable feedback and insights from the users for the development needs of the prototype.

Based on the raised interest towards mobile enhanced data collection of citizen movements through Live+Gov project and the trials, mobile technology was utilized also in a widespread travel survey conducted by HSL in Helsinki metropolitan area during October and November 2014.  The feasibility and usability of a mobile data collector in supporting the data collected in the survey was tested through a specially developed mobile application for tracking participant movements.

In the survey participants had the possibility to choose from using the application, answering through web-survey tool or providing answers over a phone interview. In the previous travel surveys only phone interviews have been used as a survey tool, but encouraged by the Live+Gov project, new methods for an easier data collection was seen useful to be tested. Based on the first impressions after the survey, the developed tools were seen as modern, powerful and interesting addition to the survey method and the developed tools are planned to be further developed for wider coverage in the future surveys.


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