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Intelligent mobility


  Tecnalia has presented Smart Mobility Lab, a service that supports the design of new ITS solutions based on a singular infrastructure that allows quick prototyping of intelligent traffic management applications and systems in urban and suburban areas. audi iphone 7 charging case An example of the solutions that Smart Mobility Lab can offer is the new mobile application SML, available on Android and Blackberry, iphone 6 plus blue case which receives the traffic information from the basque roads real-time: accidents, space iphone 8 case congestion, weather information and traffic cameras. This information is sent personalized, star iphone 8 plus case sending only the data from the area that the user selects: the commonly taken routes or the area surrounding the current position each moment. The application allows the configuration of the type of alerts that will be received (accidents, iphone 8 plus case marble initial jams, uag metropolis iphone 7 case construction work, etc.) and the level from which to start receiving the alerts (slow, stopped, iphone 8 plus strong case etc.). The notices can be visual or with sound,


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