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JIJ MAAKT UTRECHT (‘YOU MAKE UTRECHT’) Using ICT to include citizens in the policy and decision making process

eurocities_news‘Jij maakt Utrecht’ (‘You make Utrecht’) is part of Participation 2.0, an innovation platform that focuses on social experimentation in the city of Utrecht. The platform uses new digital technology to support local democracy, encourage active citizenship and support people to self-organise digitally. This initiative is part of strengthening and broadening citizen participation in Utrecht. IMMEDIATE AND ACCESSIBLE INFORMATION INPUT ON LOCAL PLANS Jij maakt Utrecht focuses specifically on involving citizens in policymaking and projects.  By making political participation more accessible, the city of Utrecht gives citizens the opportunity to communicate with policy makers and, if possible, realise their ideas. The city developed an accessible digital platform where all the participation projects are available. People can share their initiatives and discuss or work on plans for the city via the website. The website includes a city map with an overview of initiatives in the various city’s districts. In the future it will become the starting point for all community participation programs. Different types of initiatives can be posted on the website (listed below). The initiatives are immediately visible on the map with coloured icons. Users can click on any icon for more detailed information such as a description, photos, links and more. It is also possible to comment on and discuss the initiatives. – Private initiatives: these are initiatives for the collective interest of neighbourhoods or districts. Public space management by residents: these are initiatives where residents self-administer part of the public space. The municipality can support this initiative by providing maintenance equipment. – Liveability initiatives: These are initiatives from citizens to expand the liveability of a neighbourhood that are partially financed by the city of Utrecht.


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