Live + Gov

University of Koblenz-Landau

The Institute of Web Science and Technologies at the campus Koblenz of the University of Koblenz-Landau is the project leader of the project Live+Gov.

The university unites the Rhineland and the Palatinate regions: There is one campus in Koblenz, in the middle of the beautiful Rhine valley, and one campus in sunny Landau in the south of Rhineland-Palatinate. All together, there are about 13,000 students, 500 lecturers and 400 staff members.

Institute for Web Science and Technologies – WeST

The focus of research at the campus Koblenz are computer science, mathematics, natural science, educational science, and cultural studies. Here, the institute „WeST – Web Science and Technologies“ works on issues related to the usage and the technologies of the World Wide Web. Researchers consider the technical aspects of the Web being a globally networked information system and information services as well as the personal and social aspects of Web usage. They aim at understanding the structure and evolution of the Web, for making the Web even more useful and for ensuring its future prosperity and usefulness. Germane to these aspects are the novel technologies of the Semantic Web, Web Retrieval, Multimedia Web, Interactive Web and the Software Web. The institute is lead by Professor Steffen Staab, famous for his contributions to research in semantic web.

UKob Live+Gov Team

The Live+Gov team consists of:
Dr. Matthias Thimm (Project Leader) (E-Mail) 
Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab (E-Mail) 
Dr. Heinrich Hartmann (E-Mail)
Dipl.-Inf Christoph Schaefer  (E-Mail) 

On our page, you can find a german abstract of Live+gov.