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Urban Planning

Urban Planning will allow a person who is walking by a construction site to position his or her smartphone in a certain direction and receive an image of how the future building or construction will look like. Then with this information in the hand, the person can be invited to participate in polls or enquires of opinion about aspects related to the work that is being done in the area.

Going one step further, this enhanced reality mobile system can allow a person walking by an area which will soon have work done or being replanned to give their opinion as a vote for one of the options that the local  administration  is  studying.  These  votes  given by  citizens  can  help  decision  makers  select  one  of  the possible options, and satisfy the citizens which have given their feedback.

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This  initiative  would  be  similar  to  those  available  in  some  places  which  allow  citizens  to  vote  for  future urban plans on web pages, but going forward towards mobility and augmented reality. The person walking down the street can vote on what plan he or she prefers or what elements would be necessary. Not only this, but  he  or  she  could  also  get  feedback  from  local  authorities  telling  them  in  what  state  their  suggestion proceeding is in or how public opinion is being taken into account, percentages of vote, listing of suggested urban furniture or playgrounds, etc.

On one hand this new system allows people to actively participate in their local planning, and on the other, makes  citizens  part  of  what  is  happening  around  them  because  they  can  easily  access  the  plans.  Not  only that, but a future inclusion of this application in the BiscayTIK system would allow an easy definition of a workflow for the proceeding.

Urban planning for citizens is a benefit as it allows them to participate and interact in an easy and effective way, and at the same time their feedback is taken into account by the local authorities for urban planning issues.

From the point of view of the municipalities, it is a direct channel to receive the opinion of their neighbors and effectively develop plans that are already supported by the public.


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