Live + Gov

Augmented reality demos and source code

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AR example A Augmented reality (AR) is one of the most successful ambassadors for ubiquitous computing to date and is based on the idea that location-based data can be overlaid on your view of the real life. In the context of Live+Gov, the goal of mobile AR is to help citizens get informed about municipality and local administration issues. For example, the government decides to build a school and 3 candidate construction companies have provided three architectural models, respectively. Citizens will be able to view the 3D models in their smartphone with AR and express their preference. Moreover, the citizens will be also able to view how the environment will be affected from the construction of such a school, e.g. new roads to be built, area covered by the school, and provide feedback by manually moving the school or the roads in the area with AR.

Mobile client

AR-Web Portal

The web portal for AR resources can be used to manually insert or edit information related to AR items.


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