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The Live+Gov ontology has two key functions: on the one hand it provides a comprehensive description of the Live+Gov software toolkit with all its software components. This includes their mutual relations which is depicting their interaction. In the Live+Gov context this is particularly valuable due to the modular structure of the toolkit with certain components being active in different applications. Accordingly, these software components are characterised by several relations at the same time. Being part of the Live+Gov SaaS Service Centre, the ontology is assisting software developers and others willing to use the Live+Gov toolkit building their own issue specific mobile applications.

On the other hand, the Live+Gov ontology is connecting the conceptual basis of the toolkit with the concrete implementation in software code. Therefore, the ontology is facilitating the communication between political and societal stakeholders who are willing to introduce mobile participation and collaboration in their municipality. The Live+Gov ontology is specifically useful because it predefines conceptual requirements which need to be met for effective and meaningful participation and collaboration. In other words: the ontology provides guidelines for participation and collaboration that works and do not fizzle out without any positive effect neither on the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration workflows nor on the satisfaction of the citizens with their political and administrative representation. Thus, the Live+Gov ontology is explicitly connecting the software components of the Live+Gov software toolkit with their purpose.

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