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Plan – Health park

Next fall, in September and October 2014, you will have the chance to share your point of view about an urban plan in Gordexola using an novel participation initiative. It will consist in a pilot trial where a plan presented by a group of people from Gordexola will be shared so that all citizens can give their opinion and show their preferences. Moreover, people can participate using a mobile application for smart phones that will offer a view of how the location of the plan will look thanks to Augmented Reality features.

foto1This Project is the result of the collaboration of the Local Council of Gordexola with the BiscayTIK Foundation within the Live+ Gov (STREP 288815) FP7 project. The main goal of this project is to promote eParticipation taking advantage of the advantages that smart phones have to offer in this field. This improvement of eParticipation takes into account the three pillars of open government, which are collaboration, participation and transparency, and at the same time takes advantage of the possibilities of using mobile phones as they allow people to take part from any place at any time, receiving extra written or visual information related to the surroundings or what they see through the camera view.

Where will the experience take place?

Gordexola is a municipality with slightly over 1,600 inhabitants that has a long tradition of fostering pioneering technology thanks to the interest shown by its inhabitants. This municipality is also home to a number of associations that also take part in the local activity and start many projects. In this case, the plan that will be used in the trial is an initiative started by a group of citizens, presented to an association and shared at a public meeting about health. This proposal is the starting point for the participation of citizens using the Urban Planning Gordexola mobile app in the development of a health park.

This public trial is the result of an international partnership between universities, enterprises and institutions from Germany, Dutchland, Greece, Finland and Spain. There has been preparation for this pilot experience such as a small scale trial where a reduced number of trial users were invited to participate. All along the project life there has been constant efforts by the municipal authorities so that there is real plan ready for participation in order to benefit the people of Gordexola.

foto2How to participate?

Very soon the application will be available on the app stores for Android and iPhone with all of the details of the plan and the 3D models included on the augmented reality view. However, here you can see a preview of how the plan will look. Through this mean participants will be able to vote for one of the several options and give an opinion.

Who can participate?

This pioneering participation initiative led by the Town of Gordexola would not like to exclude anyone, and therefore, all of those who would not like to or are not able to participate using the mobile app will have the chance to do so in a traditional manner, answering the same questions in person. The dates and times this will be possible will be announced both on this page and though the different means the municipality regularly uses for communication.

Proposals for the new equipment locations:

 There are different options for the location of the Fitness park and the distribution of the exercise elements. A decision must be made between 2 options: a main park with all the elements or 2 small parks (located in Calzada de Zubiete and Calzada de Ponton Urarte) having part of the elements each. Citizens will be consulted in order to find the most suitable option. The following are the initial proposed locations for the new health facilities in Gordexola:




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