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Outdoor fitness elements – 3D models

As part art of a an initiative to make fitness fun, available and convenient for Gordexola residents, the municipality is planning to install new outdoor Fitness Zones in its parks. Fitness Zones are comprised of exercise equipment permanently placed in a specific place of the municipality designed for exercise, which make it easier for residents of all ages to include exercise in their daily routine to prevent heart disease and obesity, as well to live an overall healthy lifestyle. Following examples and descriptions of the equipment to be installed are given.

List of possible healthy elements to be installed:

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- Rowing machine: A rowing machine is a combination machine that mimics the muscles used when you row a boat. It strengthens and conditions major muscle groups like shoulders, arms, back, core, legs and glutes. It is low-impact and places little stress on your body.

3D model link:



Hockey machine: A Hockey machine is a machine that helps to improve cardiovascular endurance and strengthen leg muscles.

3D model link:



Extension machine: An Extension machine is used to strengthen abdominal and leg muscles, particularly quads and claves.

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Waist machine: A Waist machine allows for a deeper stretch than free form stretching. Stretching before and/or after workouts is often overlooked but is crucial for proper muscle growth and improvement of flexibility.

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-  Steering wheel machine: A Steering wheel machine is a machine that can help to improve wrist agility and strengthen the shoulders.

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-  Climber machine: A climber machine gives a good workout aerobically, strengthens and builds the lower body muscles, with low impact.

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