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Mobility – Participate and help to improve public transport in Helsinki area!


Next fall, in September, you will have the chance to help improve public transport in Helsinki region. A trial of Live+Gov mobility use case will be organized and active public transport users are anticipated to experience the mobile application targeted to all the region’s public transport users. With the application users get the possibility to receive real-time information about events in public transport that are relevant to their journeys as well as to express their opinions on the issues in the public transport services.

This trial is organized as a result of collaboration between Helsinki Region Transport and Mattersoft Ltd. within the project. The developed application aims at improving the interaction and collaboration between the public transport users and planners, enabling planners to receive accurate and travel-specific data utilization in the planning and maintenance operations whilst users get constant and valuable information regarding events around them effortlessly directly to their mobile phone while on the move.


mobilityWhere will the trial take place?

Helsinki region transport (HSL) provides public transport services in seven different municipalities in Helsinki region. There are over 1,1 million citizens in this area conducting over 350 million trips with HSL services.

The upcoming public trial is a result of 2,5 years of planning and development of the application and services around it. Before this trial a smaller trial with limited and specially targeted user group was organized in Helsinki region from December 2013 to January 2014. Based on the evaluation and development we have created a set of services that the users will have access to an application that really sets a difference in their daily travelling and the planners get completely new and valuable information to support them in decision making.


How to participate?

At this stage of the development is only available for Android and the application will be available for registered participants on Google Play in the beginning on September. The interested participants are asked to express their interest for the trial use on HSL webpage from where more detailed instructions on the application downloading and usage are provided.


Who can participate?

We are warmly welcoming all public transport users in Helsinki region who own an Android-phone to participate. There is no limitation to how often you need to be travelling and we do not want to exclude anyone. However, as we do like to know basic facts of the participants and also contact them after the trial to gather impressions on the use, the application will not be freely downloadable and requires registration before the download.


What is there to achieve?

The trial helps citizens to express their opinions on the travel services as well as to receive important and real-time information that helps them before and along their journeys. With knowledge of the real-time status planning the journey and reacting to exceptions is easier and travelling smoother. By expressing their opinions and travel tendencies, the citizens also get the possibility to make an impact on the planning of new public transport schedules and also on improving the existing ones. With constant interaction it is also possible to react on the exceptions and problems faster and more efficiently and  make the development activities a continuous process.



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