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Main tools to be used in the trial

Real-time public transport information
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HSL (Helsinki Regional Transport) offers real time information of the trams, metros and some busses via HSL Live-service. In the service all connected vehicles are monitored on a once-per-second basis to retrieve location and status information of each connected vehicle. The data is provided for forming reliable information regarding the current status of the public transport vehicles. Based on this information several real-time functionalities can be used in the mobile application trialled in Helsinki.
Augmented reality
AR-based functionality allows the user to quickly access information about his nearest public transit stops, as well as information about the service lines (bus, tram, etc) serving these stops.

This functionality will help a user to quickly orient himself by turning his camera towards a certain direction and view the bus (or tram) stops lying in this direction, along with their distance from his current location. This way user is able to view information about several stops in the same direction and find the needed stop for a desired line. Details of a selected stop can be selected to be viewed for a more detailed real-time information of services.

Personalized content delivery
We have developed a method for enabling the provision of more personalized information to the users based on the information that is collected of their journeys and other input provided via the application. The aim with developing personalized content delivery mechanisms is to avoid users form being overloaded with alerts and messages that are delivered by the system. Based on the location and often visited places we can filter the messages that are sent to the users.

Alerts between users
We have created a social medium feature where users are able to inform other users e.g. of jams, accidents etc. The plan is to distribute the issues reported by other users to other users in the affected area and. This way users get relevant information immediately once issues occur.

Human activity recognition

With the data gathered from the acceleration sensors in the mobile phone, it is possible to define mean of travel of the user with the help of predefined patterns. By detecting the used activity, more understanding of the travel preferences can be obtained to support public transport planners in their processes.

Service line detection

The aim of this component is to recognize if a citizen uses public transport within the HSL area in Helsinki. If such a usage is detected, the right service line id with its direction and the further itinerary will be determined. Based on this information it is possible to approach higher level problems like network utilization analysis or personalized reports about traffic jams.

Traffic jam detection

Based on the real time information of tram locations and status we monitor the status of the vehicle delays. In case several vehicles are detected to significantly increase the delay a warning of a traffic jam is given to the users who most likely are affected by the jam in order to help them define if this jam seriously affects their journey. A link to route planner is also provided in case new routing is wanted. This way users can better adapt to the changing situations in public transport and decrease the impact of such events to their arrival times.


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