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Urban Maintenance – We make Utrecht together!


The City of Utrecht is full of initiatives, places and projects of involved citizens that want to make their neighbourhood and city a better, more beautiful and more liveable place.

With JijMaaktUtrecht (JMU), the municipality of Utrecht, together with citizens, professionals, societal organizations, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders, wants to make all this energy more visible. Because We make Utrecht together! This is in line with the new City Council Program for the next four years, titled “Together we make Utrecht”.

JijMaaktUtrecht has been co-created by the Municipality of Utrecht, citizens, professionals, experts, Yucat B.V. and the Live+Gov project, and it is part of the Urban Maintenance public field trial.

public_trialPublic trial
JijMaaktUtrecht was launched as a public beta on May 30, 2013. During this first field trial, a great amount of feedback was collected through questionnaires, (co-creation) sessions, specific events, etc. With all of this input, there was a lot of work to be done to have a large number of improvements made. The completely renovated version of JijMaaktUtrecht was presented on 1 June 2014 by Alderman Margriet Jongerius, Responsible for Participation in the recently designated City Council Board. On this same day the City of Utrecht celebrated its 892nd birthday as well.

Using JijMaaktUtrecht – maken we samen! Anyone can publish an initiative, a (co-maintenance) spot or (participation) project on the map in just a few simple steps. Next to that, the Municipality also publishes data on where liveability budgets are spent. This data is historical, but it gives a good impression on where the budget goes to. Apart from this, the transparency goal is also met by publishing a few open data sets, as an experiment.

One of the most demanded improvements for this trial is the possibility to share information without having to make a great effort. You can now easily share a certain initiative with others, either by using one of the social media buttons or by sharing the deep link via e-mail. Clicking on the link below, you can find an extensive list of the improvements that have been made.

JijMaaktUtrecht is cooperating with societal organizations like De Slinger Utrecht (network organisation for involved entrepreneurs) and VoorjeBuurt (crowdfunding plaza for initiative).


Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone can have a look at JijMaaktUtrecht to see what is going on in Utrecht and give their feedback or ideas for further improvement. In this case, however, publishing an initiative, co-maintaining a spot or participating in a project is only possible if it is located in the municipality of Utrecht.

participateFeel invited to have a look on the improved version of JijMaaktUtrecht. Have you got feedback for us? Yes, thank you! Let us know by clicking on “meer…” and “Geef je mening” in the top right corner of JijMaaktUtrecht.

Municipality of Utrecht
City Council Program 2014-2018: Together we make Utrecht
List of improvements of JijMaaktUtrecht




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