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List of improvements of JijMaaktUtrecht

The following improvements for JijMaaktUtrecht are included in the second field trial:
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• The complete layout of JijMaaktUtrecht has been updated, so that it looks fresher and more inviting.

• The possibility of Deep linking has been included to add a direct option to share an initiative with others through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and email.

• The presentation of information has been revised. For example, the distinction between the four main types of information is centralised with four buttons at the top of the screen. A detailed explanation per type is available by pressing the “?” on the button.

• On the left side of the screen, an expandable menu has been introduced. Within this menu, extensive filtering options can be found. One of these options is filtering on initiatives in the past, present and future. Moreover, you can choose combinations for filtering.

• Next to that, it is possible to filter on theme and words.

• The owner of an initiative is notified by e-mail if s/he receives a reaction to it via JijMaaktUtrecht.

• For the Liveability initiatives, new data is available, where the amount spent per initiative is also published.

• Further, a number of small and large improvements have been done that make the use of JijMaaktUtrecht more attractive, pleasant, and clear.


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