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deiaOn the 25th of September the General Manager of the BiscayTIK Foundation, and partner of the Live+Gov project, presented the project and the applications developed for citizen mobile e-Participation within the presentation of the work of the Foundation. novada iphone 8 case This discussion took place in the II Deia Digital Media Encounter, organized by this newspaper that has a great reach, and prior to the ceremony of the Deia Awards to the Best Digital Initiatives. starbucks iphone 6 plus case The BiscayTIK Foundation was also part of the jury for these prizes. cherry blossom iphone 7 case This space was a meeting point for professionals and experts in the area that shared their experience about the use of the net, not only for leisure, but also for interacting with the public administrations and for entrepreneurship, as well as the importance about being cautious when surfing the web. iphone 8 plus detachable case The General Manager of BiscayTIK was in charge of speaking about the use of internet to bring citizens and administrations closer. iphone 7 phone cases gameboy The audience that gathered for the event counted with many university students that were presented with the Live+Gov mobile e-participation initiatives and developments, within the presentation given by BiscayTIK. esr phone case iphone 8 This included a description of how by means of the use of augmented reality and smartphone features the apps developed within the project give the word to citizens who can participate in public affairs and in local decision making.

ICT-enabled public sector innovation in H2020EuroSoc has attended the H2020 Information Day about ICT-enabled public sector innovation, which was organised by the European Commission. iphone 8 plus case irish The aim and purpose of this venue was informing public and private institutions and organisations about the most important requirements for the funding period lying ahead. personalised iphone 6 s plus case For EuroSoc and the Live+Gov project this was an ideal opportunity for meeting research institutes and private companies in this field, discussing the latest developments and innovations and collecting ideas for potential future projects that may continue Live+Gov in the one or the other form. iphone case leather 6 The main substantial message of the European Commission was that future projects in the H2020 funding scheme will have to focus equally on both Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the public administration as such. greenwich horo case for iphone 8 Newly developed or applied ICT must be aligned with the organisational demands of public administrations: it should enable modern forms of government, which are summarised in the “Open Government” framework, which builds on the three concepts of transparency, participation, and collaboration. fabric iphone 6 case They should open up governmental data, governmental processes, and governmental services and modern ICT should provide the necessary instruments enabling this.


  Tecnalia has presented Smart Mobility Lab, a service that supports the design of new ITS solutions based on a singular infrastructure that allows quick prototyping of intelligent traffic management applications and systems in urban and suburban areas. audi iphone 7 charging case An example of the solutions that Smart Mobility Lab can offer is the new mobile application SML, available on Android and Blackberry, iphone 6 plus blue case which receives the traffic information from the basque roads real-time: accidents, space iphone 8 case congestion, weather information and traffic cameras. This information is sent personalized, star iphone 8 plus case sending only the data from the area that the user selects: the commonly taken routes or the area surrounding the current position each moment. The application allows the configuration of the type of alerts that will be received (accidents, iphone 8 plus case marble initial jams, uag metropolis iphone 7 case construction work, etc.) and the level from which to start receiving the alerts (slow, stopped, iphone 8 plus strong case etc.). The notices can be visual or with sound,

lituThe mobility use case trial was set up in the Helsinki region during fall 2014 with around one hundred voluntary test users. cool phone case iphone 6 The four week trial period was seen successful and provided the consortium with valuable feedback and insights from the users for the development needs of the prototype. iphone 6 flower phone case Based on the raised interest towards mobile enhanced data collection of citizen movements through Live+Gov project and the trials, mobile technology was utilized also in a widespread travel survey conducted by HSL in Helsinki metropolitan area during October and November 2014. eeyore phone case iphone x The feasibility and usability of a mobile data collector in supporting the data collected in the survey was tested through a specially developed mobile application for tracking participant movements. case iphone 6 pink In the survey participants had the possibility to choose from using the application, answering through web-survey tool or providing answers over a phone interview. iphone 7 cases with initials In the previous travel surveys only phone interviews have been used as a survey tool, but encouraged by the Live+Gov project, new methods for an easier data collection was seen useful to be tested.

fastar1 Usually when somebody wants to upload content in Augmented Reality (AR) browsers he/she might think that has to learn a new software, new concepts, and a new way of thinking in general (perhaps in the back of his/he mind may think that a painful task like programming is involved and the terror begins). iphone case iphone 8 Well, why not inversing the whole process and fit the process of publishing content to what the user already knows, like a Content Management System (CMS) let ‘s say. iphone 6 cases red Even people that are not familiarized with programming like bankers or military personnel know how to put content in a site through the CMS either from the front-end (web-site) or from the back-end (administrator portal). FastAR promises to upgrade your CMS to an AR-Server that it is connected with the major AR browsers. ted baker case for iphone 8 plus So, whatever you have in your CMS, it is also in the AR browser too. Someone will say “-Ok, but how FastAR knows what to publish from my article in the CMS to the AR browser?, I have several images and I want to select the one that it is going to be AR browser.”- You are right, FastAR doesn’t know the title, the icon, the description, and the weblink that should be published in AR among the vast amount of data in your article. Here is where other components fit to provide a structured storing of similar objects. Some of you might have heard Sobipro, K2, VirtueMart, Woocommerce and others. fastar2 They give structure for your data, e.g. if you want to write an article for a store, you should have to provide data in a form with certain fields, e.g. gold pineapple iphone 7 case name, web-site, telephone, short-description, opening hours, image 1, image 2, etc. So instead of an unstructured article you have a structured object with certain fields. Another curious person might ask “How to publish my collection of insects into AR? Do the aforementioned components have fields for insects’ wingspan and mating seasons?” –Well, no, but they offer you the option to make a new section with a name let’s say “My insects inventory” and create the fields that you mention. When you finish, FastAR automatically inserts your section in a list of content sources for AR exporting (AR Exporters), but it does not know if you wish to export in AR the wingspan or the mating-season of your insects. You should provide them by editing your AR Exporter. iphone 8 plus case with window Someone will say, “Is that all?” –No, there is one step more, but do not afraid it is not programming involved. You should register to the AR Vendor where the pipeline of your CMS should be connected to the pipeline of the AR browser. phone case iphone 8 personalised FastAR automatically provides you the url link to copy-paste it to the AR Vendors site, so as to close the pipeline. So that’s the whole idea. Well, we cannot yet support every CMS and structure imposing component on earth. We can’t also force AR Vendors to provide through API’s and for free all of their goodies.

The Virtual Heritage School on Digital Cultural Heritage workshop took place from the 27th to the 30th of May. sonix iphone 6 case During these four days around 50 experts and stakeholders discussed issues related to using modern digital tools to help in the preservation of cultural heritage and to enhance the way these issues are currently presented. iphone 6 cases skinny dip Read more

The Living Lab LivingLabEven aboutSmartCityMmobileAppsEvent about smart city mobile apps, Mobile Apps for Use in the City, 26th-27th January, 2013, was held in Sofia, off white case iphone 7 Bugaria, where researchers and developers gathered to talk about the present and future of mobile apps and smart cities. During this event, a group of representatives from the Center for Research & Technology Hellas – Informatics and Telematics Institute, CERTH-ITI, presented the Live+Gov project in a conference, attended by around 30 participants, in order to diffuse the scientific achievements and establish collaborations. Read more

foto3Researchers from the University of Koblenz have analyzed a BuitenBeter dataset consisting of 13,811 geo-tagged issues about urban maintenance that have been reported by citizens to the office of public order in the Netherlands between July and September 2012. iphone 8 case arrow Each issue is assigned by the citizen to one of 16 categories such as “poor road conditions”, “Dirt on the street” or “Graffiti”. Interestingly, the reports show patterns in the co-occurrence of categories – for instance, areas where graffities are reported typically also see many reports of the category “Dirt on the street”. kurt cobain phone case iphone 7 Modeling the patterns based on an initial clustering of reports based on their geographic location, topics are detected by analyzing the co-occurrences of categories within geographical clusters and capturing dependencies. gold pineapple iphone 7 case Therefore interesting results have been extracted for creating comprehensible reports, characterizing the most likely categories. iphone 7 case heat sensitive The positions of documents with an above-average probability for each topic are shown in Figure 1-4. We see that Topic 1 (“Dirt on the street”, “Other”, “Graffities”) is only observed in the area of larger cities, whilst Topic 4 (“Other”, “Weed”, “Loose paving stones”, “Bad road”, “Damaged street light”, “Idea / wish”) is present across the whole country. iphone 6 plus sparkly case Topic 2 (“Damaged street light”, “Bad road”) occurs mostly within city centres.

On the 21th of November the ‘Jij Maakt Utrecht Trophy’ has been awarded to the best citizen initiative of Utrecht by alderman Jeroen Kreijkamp. The award ceremony was part of the larger Jij Maakt Utrecht festival. As the name “You Make Utrecht” already states, Utrecht is serious about embracing and encouraging active citizenship. At the festival, citizens, initiators, partners from the city, public officials and council members gathered to get inspired about initiatives in Utrecht. torras iphone 7 plus case Workshops, power talks and plenary sessions were all part of the program. One of the keynote speakers was Jim Diers, who has extensive experience with building local communities in Seattle. He shared important insights on the local government’s role in building community. iphone 7 case torro The festival, the nominations and the award created great momentum and energy and put the spotlight on citizen initiatives. iphone 8 plus slim case spigen This video compilation ( gives a good idea of the energy released in this festival. iphone 7 plus 360 phone cases Releasing the energy from active citizenship is not a once a year thing. Not surprisingly Utrecht plays an important role in the Live+Gov project. lv phone case iphone 6 The aim is to be able to digitally facilitate and stimulate active citizenship on a continuous basis and moreover to give citizens initiatives the attention they deserve. Attention from politicians, public officials and particular attention from other active citizens who must be able to find what is going on in their neighbourhood quickly. Tapping into reality of citizens, lowering barriers for dialogue and stimulating citizens to launch or to join initiatives. This is what the Live+Gov eGovernment dialogue aims at, together with Utrecht municipality and community. iphone 7 plus blue case The community of Utrecht is showing that active citizenship is about the real world, not only the digital world, and with the right combination of both online and offline, presence and activity, it can really lift off- not once a year, but continuously.

03_Map-View-GeneralFrom mid-December 2013 a mobility field trial has been running in Helsinki. iphone 6 case fox In the trial all together 15 volunteered pilot users living in Helsinki region were provided a prototype of the mobility application. iphone 6 plus shock proof phone case The volunteered users were asked to use the application during their daily travelling with public transport and share their impressions. The application integration has been done by CERTH and user recruiting and guidance by Mattersoft. carbon iphone 7 case The trial has ended at the end of January 2014, and evaluation of trial success is currently taking place. In the first trial the focus was on the mobile citizen application that collects data about citizen movements, detects user activity and used service line number in case they are travelling with public transport. shockproof 360 iphone 7 case The application is anticipated to prove as a useful and reliable tool for detecting citizens movements and means of travel in order to later extend the application to also provide a more personalized and relevant information by detecting reliably tendencies in citizens current journeys. hard iphone 7 phone cases The application also provided the users with information regarding current traffic situation and exceptions. With the application users were also provided a tool to send issue reports to the authorities when coming across different events related to public transport. The first results seem promising and many functionalities have proved to be well functioning and the user activity rates have also been good. Based on initial surveys with the users, positive feedback has been received of application usability and the progress in the use case.